Day 4 | Thursday 10th June

Session #1

Session #1

Session #1

This morning we looked at harmonising the major scale in thirds and sixths. We played through two simple blues pieces (key of E and G) with a static root note (I, IV, V – E, A, B) and a melody harmonised in thirds.

Video of the Day!

Session #2

Session #2

Session #2

During our mid-morning session we looked at a slow major blues, similar in style to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s track ‘Lenny‘. We also spent some time learning various extended chord voicings for Major, Minor and Dominant chords including; 6, 7, 9, 11 and 13 chords.

Session #3

Session #3

Session #3

After a wonderful lunch of couscous salad, barbecued sardines and a delicious apple, ginger biscuit and yogurt dessert we settled back into our afternoon session. We took a look using a slide in the dropped D tuning (D-A-D-G-B-E) and after a deep south blues jam we decided to end the day early to soak up the sunshine beside the pool and do some individual practice.

Car Update

Ce n'est pas grande chose

Ce n’est pas grande chose

Yes! My car is off to the garage because it will not start. Driving back to England may prove to be a little adventure. Fingers crossed for an inexpensive repair bill tomorrow.

Weather Watch

Partly Cloudy


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