Day 2 | Tuesday 8th June

Session 1

Session #1

Session #1

This mornings session began with a recap of yesterdays final session on the Mixolydian mode and the chords built from the scale – Dom7 through Dom13.

We started to learn a simple blues riff using both riffs and call and response licks, which will carry us in to session #2 later this morning.

Session #2

Session #2

Session #2

We looked at octave shapes to locate and unlock the notes on the fret board, which was a perfect link to the ‘CAGED’ chord shapes and Mixolydian mode work done previously.

We also completed the blues riff and the class performed it for video (below).

Video of the day!

Afternoon jam session

Afternoon jam session

Sessions #3 & #4

During the afternoon sessions the students booked themselves in for a 30 minute one to one lesson with Richard, focusing on specific areas of learning unique to each individual student. The remainder of the group had a collective jam and rehearsed their morning blues tunes – Blues riff #1 and blues in A.

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