Goodbye England, Hello France!



I boarded Brittany Ferries Bretagne ship at Portsmouth harbour early on Friday evening bound for St Malo, France. We set off from Portsmouth a little after 8.30pm and are due in to St Malo at 7.15am UK time (8.15am local time). Once I am back on dry land I will embark on a 4/5 hour drive down to La Moreau. I expect to arrive just in time for a splendid lunch with Jenny and Chris, whom I will meet for the very first time.

Update #1 (Friday night)

We are a short way into the English Channel crossing and my 3G network coverage is most definitely now out of range. So I am connected to the, hugely overpriced (£4 p/hr), wifi network onboard the ship.

I am tweeting my journey via my personal Twitter account:

St Malo - La Moreau

St Malo – La Moreau

Update #2 (Saturday)

I drove from St Malo down to La Moreau via Rennes, Nantes and Noirt. As expected the drive took almost 5 hours and was a new experience for me, having not driven on the wrong, uhmmm, excuse me, right hand side of the road before!

Dinner – Night #1

Jenny and Chris prepared a wonderful meal for us all this evening. A sign of the culinary delights in store for the week!


Starter: soup. Main: vegetables and rice. Dessert: chocolate tartlet and cream. Yum!



Update #3 (Sunday)

Saturday nights glorious midnight thunderstorm was a thrilling experience and a welcome wake up call, just as long as it doesn’t happen every night!

The students will be arriving mid-afternoon on Sunday with the Acoustic Blues Guitar course beginning on Monday morning.

The blog will be updated at the end of each day. Be sure to check back soon!

All the best,



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